We are locally owned and operated business serving a variety of customers from our head quarters in Gainesville, FL,  to anywhere a customer needs assistance.  We are a small company that aims to help businesses and individuals in obtaining web hosting and/or their own website / or to assist in app development.  To implement design and construction in a timely manner and to ensure the customer is satisfied always!

GumSmack orginated from the idea of sitting around with all this knowledge “smacking gum” and thinking to ourselves, “we could be helping people”, thus the creation of what will hopefully be your next choice in hosting needs and or web services.  Too many people pay far too much money for simple things.  So, our goal is to offer same quality and service at real costs you and your company can afford.  Thank you for visiting us and as always….as a note we operate under GUMSMACK, LLC.

“Give your website / app a SMACK!…”