From the Shelf:

Looking for reliable hosting? How about web design?  Always wanted to create your  own app?  Well, you have come to the right spot!

We offer Native apps or customized apps, based on your needs.  All source code and files from website or app development are yours and you will own the exclusive right to distribute, sell, etc.  We can sign NDA agreements if needed.

Here at GumSmack we offer FREE 1 year of hosting with every website build package.  If you just need hosting, then we have that covered as well.  Prices for hosting we keep low @ $5/mth, billed on an annual basis.

We don’t have any overhead, so our savings is passed on to our customers! We take pride in helping the everyday small businesses and individuals see their website needs come to life for a very affordable price (we even barter in some cases LOL).

At any rate, give us a try and use our contact email to send us an inquiry.  We will respond back usually within 24 hours.

GumSmack Flavors (Packages):

GumSmack packages:

  • SourMelon (Starter Pack) $149.99 = Includes 1GB web hosting (FREE for the first year), FREE domain name and website design/construction to include a 30 day FREE technical support/ updates after the build. *Basic build / startup site*
  • BerryBongoLicious (Premium Pack) $299.99 = This package is for the more complex websites, includes everything from the Starter Pack plus an additional 1 GB of hosting space, but covers more complex features implemented such as membership sites, smtp mail, shopping carts, etc. *additional fees may apply for added features*
  • SweetZingeriffic (VIP Pack) $499.99 = Includes everything from the Starter and Premium Packs, but also our VIP subscribers will receive FREE technical support / updates for the LIFE of the account! Excellent deal for those that are constantly needing their sites updated, site maintenance included (backups, sql cleanups, etc.)

GumSmack Factory:

We are locally owned and operated business serving a variety of customers from our head quarters in Gainesville, FL,  to anywhere a customer needs assistance.  We are a small company that aims to help businesses and individuals in obtaining web hosting and/or their own website / or to assist in app development.  To implement design and construction in a timely manner and to ensure the customer is satisfied always!

GumSmack orginated from the idea of sitting around with all this knowledge “smacking gum” and thinking to ourselves, “we could be helping people”, thus the creation of what will hopefully be your next choice in hosting needs and or web services.  Too many people pay far too much money for simple things.  So, our goal is to offer same quality and service at real costs you and your company can afford.  Thank you for visiting us and as always….as a note we operate under GUMSMACK, LLC.

“Give your website / app a SMACK!…”


Our Portfolio

Welcome to our portfolio page!

We have done many websites and will list them below for your reference(s).  Keep in mind though some websites may or may not still be in use.  We try to update regularly and will not hyperlink the inactive sites.


Our first App we are working on…

  1. FIGHT KNIGHTS – REVIVAL (Scheduled to launch in November this year 2018) visit for more info 😉