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“Some DREAMS are made in basements…doesn’t matter where they are made, OWN YOURS & PURSUE IT…” -GHM



  • Having a DREAM / GOAL…
  • Always PURSUING it…
  • Fail BIG & OFTEN…
  • Learn from failures & hone in on the TARGET 😉


“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did…”

Here at GUMSMACK, LLC we pride ourselves not on how many clients we have or how much our quarterly margins are.  We pride ourselves on helping others if we can.  Even if it is guidance or saving them time or money.  Even if it’s making games fun for everyone 😉 We are here to help.  Our logo…the handprint – each finger represents a special person / family combined together to make GUMSMACK who we are today.  Together we can achieve greatness and we want to share that with our customers / clients.  The name, GUMSMACK…comes from chewing gum of course hehe, but not only that making a decision to take our knowledge, skills, passions and providing that to the world for the better good 😉

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