investors investing in you!

Have you ever wanted to invest in something, but you just did not know what? Or maybe you did, but just did not feel like you had the money? 

Look no further! Here at GUMSMACK, LLC we have decided to form a new group of investors (GIG) where your money works for you with money from others! Together, your investment is combined with other’s investments to makeup the GIG and is invested into our LIVE product which is on a GLOBAL platform, both Google Play and Apple Store…that product is our first ever mobile game “FIGHT KNIGHTS REVIVAL”! 

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Our Founders

Founded in 2017 by a group of everyday people, the founders were dedicated to ensuring that people got what they needed when it came to the needs of not only websites & hosting, but mobile gaming, specifically MMORPG. With a total of 5 founders, which make up our “handprint” in which we will leave in this world 😉 

Our Goals

Everyone has goals. You are no different. Our goal here is to make sure each and every investor who comes to us has a good experience. Whether you invest with us a lot, or the minimum, we want you to be comfortable and happy. We want to answer your questions, and we want to help you discover how to make your $ work for you, instead of you working for your $. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  This will be a limited time only window for people like you to already connect with our investment. 

Our Future

The future is bright for our company! We continue to grow and develop, and we want to help grow and develop you! To empower the everyday person to realize his or her true potential.  Networking is key in today’s world and what a better opportunity than to jump on board with GUMSMACK, LLC and involve yourself in a global product that can help you, help us, help you 😉 

If you are interested in joining GIG, please fill out the form below and we will personally be in touch with you. Minimum buy in is $1k and we can have legal paperwork done by our attorney to finalize all investments! 



It is much faster to text or call you vs email, while GIG spots may be limited it can be a bonus to have a contact # provided
Enter your potential investment amount above 😉