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From GUMSMACK, LLC our first ever mobile game launching MARCH 2019, be ready.

Introducing FIGHT KNIGHTS commercial

We are pleased to announce that we have a pre-launch commercial on our YouTube channel of course, with a preview to our left here.  Feel free to view and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and give us some likes 😉 Appreciate ya! 

We’re Adding Even More Features…NEW LAUNCH DATE: MARCH 2019 !!

For those that have played other games with us such as GOW/MS/Lords Mobile/Vikings, etc. We have taken the time and initiative to have the best player’s view on FIGHT KNIGHTS.  We plan to have main gameplay such as previous games mentioned along with 3 added features from the start…the Arena, the Temple and lastly “Hola’s Tavern”.  These features will incorporate many in game boosts for players and much entertainment for game activity 😉

Begin Building Your Castle in MARCH 2019! Beta registration now OPEN 😉

As we here at GUMSMACK prepare not only ourselves for the launch, we would like to extend beta testing to our friends, family and anyone that might be interested…please fill out the form below to pre-register for beta testing.  



REGISTERED FIGHT KNIGHTS BETA USERS (Updated as of 12/17/18 @ 9:35 pm EST


Current GOAL :


*** A note from Hola 😉 The goal meter is set of course to reach certain numbers of players, however it will increase as more signup as we can have unlimited number of players for Beta…thanks to all who have registered and spread the word, let’s rock FIGHT KNIGHTS ! ***

1st GOAL of 100 players was met on 11/3/2018…

2nd GOAL of 200 players was met on 12/4/2018…

Terms and Conditions:

This beta registration form is to get users in which we call “players” that would like to have the option to play FIGHT KNIGHTS beta mode upon release, the option to register their email. Upon registering and accepting these terms and conditions you are agreeing that we, GUMSMACK, LLC are extending a license for you to play our game with the intent of finding bugs, glitches, errors, etc. Upon playing the game there may or may not be in-app purchases available in which you may or may not purchase. We expect our beta players to send all feedback to us via in game link with screenshots, etc. to provide us detailed information about game functionality. However, upon beta release completion, all beta accounts will be deleted and databases cleaned to launch the “live game”. No implied license issued to carry over any in game items or accounts to the live server. However, we will be rewarding our BETA testers with in game currency come live version as a Thank You for helping FIGHT KNIGHTS.  Amount of reward is unknown, but will definitely be worth while 😉 So, signup today! Any questions, feel free to email us at