Well, it is a new year 2018! So far so good on the mobile gaming app of ours, FIGHT KNIGHTS – REVIVAL, as it is about 50% completed and scheduled for launch Early November this year! Of course, will diligent efforst we may launch earlier 😉

We also have a couple past due accounts that are unpaid, to avoid suspension of your accounts ensure payment is received in a timely manner when we invoice you.  We hate to suspend anyone’s account (especially if they are making $ off it) so help us help you and thank you in advance! Any questions or concerns contact us immediately. Use contact form, call or email

Mobile Gaming App

We are working diligently on our first ever mobile gaming app! We have a timeline of around 7 months say to launch and of course, we will update with details as we get closer to the final product.  This is definitely a new venture for us and we are all excited here at gumsmack and we know all of our fans will be as well.

GumSmack Born on Date

We have been designing websites and providing services to our clients since 2011.  Our official date for this site is today 01/11/17! It has and will be a joy operating our new vision, our new name and our GUMMY attitude 😉


– GumSmack