Here at GUMSMACK, we are looking to network between our friends, family and other business relationships we have to give artists, entertainers, labels, etc. the opportunity to be seen on a global platform other than soundcloud, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc.  We are finishing up our mobile game FIGHT KNIGHTS REVIVAL and would like to help out the cause by offering background music/beat slots available to those that want to participate in the BEAT FEST CONTEST.  By submitting your tracks to us, you in turn are allowing us an exclusive license to use, distribute, advertise, etc. your creation(s).  In return, we will allow your music/beats to be played during gameplay in the background with credits given in the more menu to specify artist, label, links, etc. Be heard today! Get into the gaming world and with GUMSMACK, LLC as the developer, what better of an opportunity to promote yourself and boost your portfolio 😉 The game will be on both platform, the GOOGLE PLAY store as well as the APPLE store December 15th, 2018 !



  1. All winners (3 tracks total) will have 1 or more track(s) on our FIGHT KNIGHTS playlist for our mobile game. 
  2. Winners will be globally recognized in the mobile gaming world in their musical industry.
  3. All credits to include links to purchase, review artist(s), etc. will be placed in game so users can click to reference. (if you need a website, let us know as we do that too)
  4. Initial tracks are royal free / exclusively licensed for GUMSMACK, LLC to use, distribute, advertise, etc. However, all future music, beats, etc. winners will have a priority for us to go to when we need new releases in which we will compensate for expenses, meaning pay for license(s) to use, etc. 
  5. We take care of our OWN, we do well, you do well ! Join our family today and let’s make FIGHT KNIGHTS have the greatest tracks / beats hands down.  We will set the standard for this industry and will evolve how mobile gaming music is heard.  
  6. With a goal of 1 million + downloads (game wise) we want our soon to be popular game to feature artists that want to be heard.  Each one, teach one.  Networking is key and together we can establish and create a critical market that is until now undiscovered.  
  7. Future plans is to integrate new artists playlists (with unlimited artists/tracks), etc. into the game where users can select and listen to while playing.  If they enjoy the track they can then be led to purchase the track(s) from your link, etc.  Also, we can incorporate a new poll style battle contest per say in game and make it an in game event to help promote upcoming artists, etc.  Again, we have to start somewhere and so do you, join us today and don’t let your music just be in the cloud, let it be FIGHTING for you in FIGHT KNIGHTS 😉 
  8. For samples download Game of War and see their background music/beat.  Note there are no vocals involved, but we are making exceptions, need to keep clean though and variety of tracks.  We would like some just instrumental tracks, but will incorporate all type music tracks as an option for user as well, so submit both styles if you want 😉



Our game FIGHT KNIGHTS has a midevil theme, with castles and you basically attack other castles with your troops, etc. So, there is war, blood, fire, smoke and hurt feelings lol.  The violin sample here from Lindsey Sterling is sweet…so would love to incorporate a violin for sure or close enough sound 😉


When WAR is raged in FIGHT KNIGHTS, battles can be intense, so we need some music beats to support this battle like atmosphere…check out Hustler by Zayde Wolf here for example…


When players are not waging war on each other, the are often times of “peace”…which gives players opportunities to enhance their heroes, castles, troops, rebuilding, etc.  For this reason here is a good example of more lax music beat background from Eluveite…