GumSmack packages:

  • SourMelon (Starter Pack) $149.99 = Includes 1GB web hosting (FREE for the first year), Domain name billed separate (as prices vary depending on selection).  Website design/construction to include a 30 day FREE technical support/ updates after the build. *Basic build / startup site*
  • BerryBongoLicious (Premium Pack) $299.99 = This package is for the more complex websites, includes everything from the Starter Pack plus an additional 1 GB of hosting space, but covers more complex features implemented such as membership sites, smtp mail, shopping carts, etc. *additional fees may apply for added features*
  • SweetZingeriffic (VIP Pack) $499.99 = Includes everything from the Starter and Premium Packs, but also our VIP subscribers will receive FREE technical support / updates for the LIFE of the account! Excellent deal for those that are constantly needing their sites updated, site maintenance included (backups, sql cleanups, etc.)
  • AppleSliceO’Life (APP Development Pack) = Apps will vary based on what you need them to do.  Native apps vs. non native, etc. We can get the job done.  If you are interested in App development, please email us with all requirements to complete your app and the time frame you are wanting it to be fulfilled 😉 We have an outstanding development team that strives for success and delivers quality, on time services everytime!