GumSmack Flavors (Packages):

GumSmack packages:

  • SourMelon (Starter Pack) $149.99 = Includes 1GB web hosting (FREE for the first year), FREE domain name and website design/construction to include a 30 day FREE technical support/ updates after the build. *Basic build / startup site*
  • BerryBongoLicious (Premium Pack) $299.99 = This package is for the more complex websites, includes everything from the Starter Pack plus an additional 1 GB of hosting space, but covers more complex features implemented such as membership sites, smtp mail, shopping carts, etc. *additional fees may apply for added features*
  • SweetZingeriffic (VIP Pack) $499.99 = Includes everything from the Starter and Premium Packs, but also our VIP subscribers will receive FREE technical support / updates for the LIFE of the account! Excellent deal for those that are constantly needing their sites updated, site maintenance included (backups, sql cleanups, etc.)